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Asalamu’alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu ladies. There are tonnes of reading lists out there, however, not many that consist of purely non-fiction books.  So here a list of non-fiction readers that your kiddos can enjoy and benefit from at the same time insha’Allah.

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Let’s start with the Who Was Book series.  I’ll be honest with you, I love these as much as the kids.  With over 200 books in the series, these books make a great read for the kids and make great read alouds too.  The books cover famous scientists, inventors, presidents and artists, as well as landmarks, events and places.  Our favourite non-fiction collection!

Our ever-growing collection!

You can purchase the Who Was Book series HERE.


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Another favourite of ours, the ‘You wouldn’t want to be’ series.  These books are inviting, funny, educational and informative all at the same time.  My eldest to my youngest love this set, and they make great light supplementary reads for loop subjects like History, Geography and even Science. The books mainly cover historical time periods, but also science topics too. 

You can purchase this series HERE.
Visit the ‘You Wouldnt Want to be’ website for free teaching resources HERE.

Horrible histories

Ahh, the horrible series.  These always bring a sense of nostalgia when I see my kiddos read these as I loved these books as a kid.  They touch upon the more ‘gory’ side of History, Science and Geography in a light-hearted comical manner which kids love.  Out of all the series, I think the history books are the most well-written and my kids would agree too though the other titles still make a good read.  I wouldn’t recommend the accompanying tv series of the history books as I found parts to be inappropriate, but the books I definitely would recommend. They come in box-sets too so make great gifts.

You can purchase the series below.
Horrible Histories
Horrible Science
Horrible Geography

Horrible histories (1)

If you’re looking for non-fiction readers for younger children, these may just be what you’re looking for.  With eye-catching illustrations and simple language, these mini-biographies are great for younger kiddos and cover famous figures past and present.

You can purchase this series HERE.

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If you’re looking for more detailed biographies, check out this DK Series.  Although I think this series is smaller than some of the above, DK publish biographies such as these and also for younger and older readers in different styles and formats.  This series is packed with facts, photographs and timelines.  Definitely, a series to check out. 

You can purchase this series HERE.

Horrible histories (3)

I personally have only stumbled across this series recently, and intend to buy them in my homeschool haul.  The series covers tyrant rulers such as Hitler and Stalin, and judging by the cover something I already know my kiddos would be interested to read.  I will let you know my thoughts about this particular series after I purchase them, and if you already have these in your collection, feel free to share your thoughts below.

You can buy this series HERE.

Which non-fiction readers do your kiddos enjoy?  Recommend your favourites below; I’m always on the lookout for good readers!

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