The Homeschool Lifecycle

Asalamu’alaykum ladies, I shared this post over on my Instagram today but I thought to share here too, a more permanent place for a prominent topic I feel. 

When we begin homeschooling, it’s daunting to see the initial emergence that is now ‘physically’ seeable.  The egg has been laid if you must. We’ve not registered for public school, begun looking into curriculum, planning and designing our homeschool space, telling others of our decisions; it’s happening, it’s finally happening.

And then we begin.  We take that first step.  Usually armed with a bursting schedule, each activity timed with precision, sensory bins to last the semester.  And this is the stage we usually ‘overindulge’. We buy way too much curriculum, feel the need to devour every activity in the student workbook, scrap and buy new curricula because the kids seem disinterested.  We read all the homeschooling books we can find, browse every blog, play those podcasts, and somehow manage to divert every conversation we have back to homeschooling.  It becomes all-consuming, we eat through not only our time but our energy too.

And then we begin to recognise the side effects of that overindulgence.  It’s now time to step back, and rather than looking outwardly, its time to look within.  It’s usually the phase we hone our focus inwardly, cocooning ourselves from too many ideas and resources, and stepping away to focus on what WE want from our homeschool.  The phase our family values, priorities, and cultures begin to form, take shape and gain strength.  It’s the phase we begin to feel empowered in our decision.  We begin to feel that liberation homeschooling promised us.

And then it happens. The transformation begins. The sweetness comes.  No longer do we compare our homeschools to another homeschool; feeling the need to produce child geniuses, scrap workbooks because they are too ‘schoolish’. Rather, we appreciate the beauty of homeschooling, realising it comes in many colours, shapes and sizes and no ‘one size fits all’. And our homeschool is intricate and has its own uniqueness that should be admired in its own right.

But is that to say that once we reach that stage, we’re done?  Not at all. Now we feel empowered, the work still continues.

We experience highs, and lows, encounter days that seem plain sailing and others that the slightest gush sets us back.  We continue to grow, evolve, and experience things as the needs of children change.  And it can feel like the cycle repeats itself when another ‘stage’ begins. 

But this time, it doesn’t feel as daunting.  Because we have our ‘wings’ to keep us afloat; the milestones, laughter, conversations, and memories that have developed, matured and blossomed over time.

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