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Asalamu’alaykum ladies, how are you?
A few weeks ago I shared a snippet of some of our Islamic studies lessons.  We have been focusing on Tawheed more in-depth, using a scrapbook style approach, and I have been making printables weekly to go with our lessons.

The printables are not ‘complete’ as much of our lessons we notebook, or even just discuss.  However several of you still wanted the printables so I have made them available for download below.

wp-1580367198815.jpg             wp-1580367198871.jpg

wp-1580367198945.jpg       wp-1580367198654.jpg

Download the above printables for free HERE.
I’ll be adding more printables as we go along below so you can download when needed.

Printables on seeking blessings of trees, stones and other things and seeking refuge in other than Allah HERE.
Printable on teaching that Guidance is from Allah alone HERE.
Printable on exaggerating the righteous HERE.
Mini flapbook explaining the three types of rights HERE.

You can also read about a lesson we did on Tawheed a couple of years ago HERE.

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