Ramadan Preparation Craft (with printables)

Asalamu’alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu ladies, how are you?
I haven’t posted much on the blog lately as we have been on a little break.  However, we’ve jumped back into routine and although we’ve been discussing how Ramadan is fast approaching, I wanted us to really feel and begin to be more mindful.

So I devised a little worksheet to help us do that, and since it is a visual reminder one that we can refer back to insha’Allah. 



The worksheet is in colour, however, my kids preferred to decorate it their own way so I printed it black and white and they coloured it in themselves. You can always turn this into a cut and paste activity too and cut out the petals, adding gradually to create the flower. To assemble, glue both sheets together and just fold one over the other to store in a binder. 

To download the printable click HERE.

For older kids, check out this brainstorming activity we did last year to help us get ready for Ramadan HERE.  You can also check out this free Ramadan lapbook which is great for kids of all ages HERE.

How is your Ramadan preparation going?  Let me know below!

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