Entrepreneurship Curriculum!

Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu ladies, how are you?
A few weeks ago I mentioned on Instagram that I would be sharing a resource with you all that I was SUPER EXCITED to discover, and here it is!


A little peek into what the curriculum teaches

You see, towards the end of last year we finished our school year three months later than anticipated.  This was due to starting some GCSE introduction to our eldest, and our youngest (6) officially joining homeschool.  But even though we were ‘off track’ I took additional time to really re-evaluate what I want our homeschool to focus on based on what our kiddos actually need as oppose to just covering anything and everything for the sake of it.

Entrepreneurship was definitely in the top three skills so I began searching (for hours!) for some type of program I could enrol my kiddos onto that would hone in on their natural creativity and enhance skills that would be useful in the long term.  When I came across Venture Lab it was what I had been looking for and MORE!


-It’s an ENTIRE CURRICULUM DEDICATED TO ENTREPRENEURSHIP FOR KIDS OF ALL GRADES/AGES (Starting from elementary (grades 1-2), upper elementary (grades 3-5), and middle/high school (grades 6-12)!

-All the prep work is done for you; you literally just need to purchase a few items for certain activities and have access to a printer.

-It’s designed by entrepreneurs themselves.

-And to top it all off; ITS COMPLETELY FREE! (Unless it’s used for commercial purposes, how awesome is that!)

I was absolutely thrilled to find such a high-quality curriculum that literally teaches everything kids need to know about entrepreneurship. We are around four weeks into the curriculum (I’ve started all my kids onto the upper elementary level) and we have all been enjoying it thoroughly.


We’ve had discussions about the entrepreneur mindset, prototypes, took part in the infamous ‘marshmallow challenge’, started our own business idea journals and much more.

Our attempt!

Aside from the curriculum, there are other resources on the Venture Lab website too.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE CURRICULUM FOR YOURSELF.

Let me know your thoughts on the curriculum below, and of course, ensure that concepts are in alignment with Islamic principles.

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