My Qur’an, My Companion Ramadan Journal REVAMPED

Asalamu alaykum ladies.  Can you believe it’s almost Ramadan!

I know many mamas like myself are starting to think about Ramadan, and how we can make our children really feel its presence too. However, although well-intentioned, our focus often leans towards the physical preparation first, such as the house, food and daily activities, and so although we physically feel prepared we often as mothers feel a little spiritually depleted.  And that’s because it really is our spiritual state and needs we need to hold to account first and foremost; and if that remains our focus, we will automatically enter Ramadan feeling good, regardless of whether the freezer is packed with meals or not!

I already knew we were going to re-use our Ramadan Journals I made for myself and my kids last year. We all really enjoyed them and benefited, allahuma barik, but this time, I’ve added a huge additional benefit and revamped the whole journal from 30 pages to  95 pages bursting with fun and purpose alhamdulillah (you’ll see why!).

Of course, the first purpose of the journal is a means to reflect and connect with the Book of Allah, in the Month of the Qur’an, on a deeper level insha’Allah.  This isn’t restricted to memorisation, but rather understanding and implementation.  And for children (and adults) who are memorising the Qur’an, Ramadan is also a wonderful opportunity to motivate and encourage those on their hifdh journey and rejuvenate their love for the journey they have undertaken.

And of course, Ramadan is a month we exert ourselves because its blessings are so numerous, to not take advantage of these blessing is surely a huge loss.  And making du’a and calling out to Allah Azzawajal is one of the biggest means to gain His love and mercy, and how better to call upon our Lord than by His beautiful names.

“And to Allah belong the best names, so invoke Him by them.” (7:180)

So keeping the above in mind, let me introduce our revamped ‘MY QUR’AN, MY COMPANION’ Ramadan journal for this year. The new journal consists of 95 pages and contains…

*A beautiful front cover, and two opening pages with ayaat, introducing the focus of the journal.
*A Ramadan goals page, where kids can record their aspirations for the month and prepare in advance.
*A final fun ‘Eid planner’ page, where kiddos can plan their Eid, including making sure they know the sunnan of Eid, the time to wake up, time for Eid salaah, and things that need to be done around the home.  

A set of three pages to be worked on every day…
*The first page contains a positive affirmation to help boost and motivate enthusiasm for the extra effort we make in the blessed month.  I’ll be encouraging my kiddos to be reading these aloud to themselves.
*A daily tracker which the kiddos can tick off to remind them how many days of Ramadan are left.
*A section to write down memorised verses, and a section for their meaning.
*Daily questions pertaining to Ramadan, Fasting, the Quran, and general Islamic studies.  Some are simple, some a little more challenging.
*A daily vocabulary section; this is where the children can think of words they hear repeated throughout the Qur’an and can write out its meaning. Or a word that was mentioned in their memorisation that they wanted to know what it meant.

*The second page contains three names of Allah, with their meanings, in colouring page style along with their meanings.  All 99 names will be covered by the end of  Ramadan insha’Allah. Memorisation of these names will be encouraged daily, with a star near each name, which kids can colour in once they have memorised it, however, making du’a with Allah’s name will be the focus.  This really is something we can all do as a family!
(The list of these names has been taken from Shaykh Uthaymeen’s book Al-Qawaa`id al-Muthla; the list and English translations can be found here)

*The third page is a Ramadan ‘scrapbooking page’, where kids can write a diary entry of their day, recording highlights, profound memories and anything else they like.
There are also sections for drawing pictures (faceless) to further capture memories of their Ramadan.

That’s comprehensive you may be thinking, but hold on, there’s more!

As a mother of a six-year-old, whose just about starting to read, and cannot write, I know how it feels when younger children want to copy their siblings and want to do work that feels more ‘grown-up’.

So I created a lighter, but just as fun, a junior version of the journal for our younger kiddos!


The journal consists of 65 pages, and contains…
*A beautiful front cover, and two opening pages with ayaat, introducing the focus of the journal.

The same Ramadan goals planner, and Eid planner in the original journal, with the exception of spaces to draw instead of write.
*The complete 99 names of Allah colouring pages (exactly the same as the original journal)
*A ‘Ramadan picture diary page’ where they can draw about their day, and Mama can help them by writing their caption for them.


And as a final note, I received feedback from sisters on Instagram about whether the journals should be in black and white or colour. I received mixed opinions so created the journal black and white (with the exception of the front cover), with pops of colour throughout.  So insha’Allah not too heavy in the ink, and also looks lovely in black and white with lots of opportunities to colour.  I also often get asked about where to bind workbooks.  For me personally, our local printers also have a binding service, so you can google a similar service local to you.  This may be a little difficult, due to the recent lockdowns in many places, so you can also hole-punch and store in a ring binder or buy slide binders, which are easily available on Amazon.

You can purchase BOTH the journals for just £9.99 BY CLICKING HERE.

The files will be available for download immediately insha’Allah. Please note ladies, the £9.99 includes BOTH, of which one purchase means you can print multiple copies dependant upon how many children you have, so I have ensured that this is definitely affordable insha’Allah.

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