Pre-Ramadan Organisation Checklist

Asalamu alaykum ladies, how are you?

Ramadan is just days away, and I still can’t believe how quickly it has come! We’ve pretty much done the majority of our school work that needed to get done, so apart from Block one of school, the rest of the week we will be dedicating to getting ready for Ramadan insha’Allah.

To help me organise myself and the kiddos, I’ve made a cleaning checklist covering main areas of the house: kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, living room and school space. There are also blank spaces for notes, or extra chores you may want to add that are specific to your home. 

I’ve also included a ‘Ramadan routine’ template as for many families homeschooling and life in general can look a little different.

Download the pack for free (click on the picture below) and refresh your house so it can serve its purpose.  This is for all Mamas, not just homeschool Mamas so do share the blog post link with family and friends too!

And don’t forget, for help with meal prep and planning, you can download the free weekly batch cooking guide below.


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