Byzantine Empire Unit Study with Lapbook and Notes

Asalamu’alaykum ladies,
a few weeks ago, I covered the Byzantine Empire with my almost ten-year-old (six-year-old joined in too). We did this before the recent decision of the Hagia Sophia being turned into a masjid again (Great Mosque of Ayasofya).  I actually lost my notes so didn’t upload at the time but I have retyped the notes with this change.  The re-establishment of the masjid may spark further interest in your homeschool to look a little further into the history of the masjid, so perhaps an impromptu study into the Byzantine Empire may just be what you’re looking for!

We made a lapbook covering
The division of the Roman Empire
The fall of the Western Roman Empire
The rise of the Byzantine Empire
Emperor Constantine
Emperor Justinian and Empress Theodora
The Hagia Sophia 
More facts about the Byzantine Empire
Keywords; Byzantine, Constantine, Justinian, Theodora, Strait, Mosiac, Hagia Sophia, riot, icon, empire, emperor.



We also made Byzantine-inspired meatballs (these were delicious).  You can find the recipe at Gode Cookery.

To add a little hands-on artwork, we made our own mosaics using these beautiful mosaic pieces I found at my local stationery store, glue and air-drying clay.  These came out wonderfully Allahumma barik.

And since we found out that Empress Theodora was the daughter of a bear tamer in the circus, we also did a mini impromptu bear study (printables for this will be available soon)


To download the lapbook and notes I made, click HERE.

Enjoy your Byzantine Unit study, and feel free to share your ideas below!

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