Asalamu’alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu ladies,

It’s FINALLY HERE! The firstly weekly batch cook guide to finally help you manage your cooking so you can focus on the more important things!

I have struggled with managing my home alongside homeschooling and juggling everything else.  And though I decluttered, organised and meal planned weekly, I still found myself feeling that midweek overwhelm. Cleaning every moment I could find, cooking daily, waking up to a sink of dishes even after so much planning.  I didn’t mind it now and again, but not every day.  But I came to realise that my approach was almost the wrong way round.  I’d focused so much on cleaning, I missed the fact that it was cooking and preparing meals for adults and several kids daily was actually one of the reasons why I was cleaning so much in the first place!

And feeling ‘unprepared’ on a daily basis really does take its toll.  Especially when there are so many other things to be done.So I began working on focusing on those things that were my biggest overwhelm.  Clutter, laundry, and COOKING!

And I know I’m not the only Mama that has felt this way.  I get messages all the time from ladies constantly battling between the stack of books and dishes.  And it isn’t just homeschool mamas either; its mothers from all walks of life trying to do their best for their families and take the the ‘long route’, not knowing there are shortcuts.  You can feed your family homecooked meals, but it doesn’t have to mean that it takes up all your time.

And once you get used to it and feel the benefits of having more time for other things, it’s likely to be a habit that sticks.  For me, it’s rare that I don’t batch cook now because it has become a way of preparing food that reduces one load off my mind.  I’ve been asked before if anything changes during Ramadan and aside from me preparing less food because all except one of my kids now fast, nothing changes.  I also want to point out here, that batch cooking shouldn’t be seen as ‘overeating’.  It is simply a method to get food cooked in one go, not ‘overcook and overeat’.  You have the flexibility to space meals out how you need, taking account your family needs as well members of the family who may be fasting.

I also know that when most people think of batch cooking, instant pots and crockpots come to mind, as well as having a huge freezer to store 40-50 freezer meals, because the majority of batch cooking advice tends to target mamas who have larger storage options.  But I have none of those things, so I designed this pack in mind for mamas with smaller spaces, no crockpots and a standard fridge size.

So ladies, let me introduce you to the weekly batch cooking pack; the first of many more to come insha’Allah; all my knowledge of batch cooking put together in one place and handheld instructions to get you started too!


For guide 1 I have focused on ‘cook once, eat twice’ to keep things simple for mamas who haven’t batch cooked before (future packs will focus on other ways to cook and stretch meals insha’Allah)

The 27 Page Weekly Batch Cooking pack includes
A Beautiful cover and message from me!
All your batch cooking FAQS answered
An overview of how a typical batch cook session looks might look like
Batch cooking tips for before, during and after the process
Advice on how to store food correctly and retain freshness
Batch Cooking Essentials you need to get started
Individual Recipes and Instructions for several meals 
A Step by Step guide on exactly how and when to cook the following meals; Easy egg cups, Granola (2 variations, Roasted tomato and garlic soup, pasta salad, lentil soup, spaghetti bolognese, chicken stir fry packet, chicken curry with peppers.
Plus, a complete shopping list of everything you need to make the meals above! But that’s not all.  Because I really wanted this to be a long-lasting change, a ‘cooking system’ and not a one-off cook session, the step by step instructions and recipes have all been colour coded for easy access in the future.  So, pull out all the purple recipes and instructions for whenever you need to cook up guide 1.
And I didn’t stop there.  To house all your current recipes, the recipes above and the pack itself, I designed this beautiful recipe binder (with the spine) to really get your organised!!  The recipe binder is specifically designed to go with the batch cook packs, so you can feel organised for your first batch cook session, plus makes future batch cooking so much simpler.

The 13-page Recipe Binder includes
A beautiful front cover you can personalise with your name
A weekly meal planner template and shopping list template
Mini recipe cards for the little things (like sauces and dips)
Recipe page templates to write out (or stick printed) recipes
Sectioning pages for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, making and everything else.
And finally, a sectioning page for the batch cook guides.  So you can just pull out the relevant guide, the colour coded recipes and shopping list and you’re good to go-all the thinking done for you!

To assemble the guide you will need: A binder, laminator, hole puncher, the guide and recipe binder printables plus plastic wallets. I suggest you get a binder with a clear protector at the front so you can slot in your front cover.
Firstly, laminate the spine, sectioning pages (for breakfast etc.) and hole punch these.  Laminating the spine makes it easier to slot in.
Also, print out several mini and standard recipe templates – Keep a bunch of these in your binder to write or print and stick recipes future recipes.
And print a bunch of weekly meal planner/shopping list page.  Or you can print one and laminate it for reuse.
Add in all the guide 1 recipes into the binder (in plastic wallets), sectioning appropriately.
Add in all your existing recipes (in plastic wallets) to the binder too, sectioning appropriately.
Add in all the Batch Cook notes (FAQS/TIPS) in the ‘everything else section’.  And the guide itself which is the step by step instructions and shopping list in the ‘Batch Cook Guides’ section.
But before you ‘dismantle’ and assemble the guide, I suggest having a good read of it through and through with a cuppa!

And that’s it, you’re all set to get batch cooking!
To purchase the guide for just £14.99
click below.
(You will be sent an email with the pdfs upon completion of purchase)

As always, if you’re unsure of anything, drop a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to help!

I’ve been batch cooking for years but never thought it can become this easy. I love love love the batch cooking guide! It helps keep me organized in may ways. I’m able to enjoy my weekly cooking because I know what needs to be done without having to think too much. Im able to go shopping feelings at ease that I won’t be wasteful. It even has recipes which was much needed! Sometimes as ummis we just don’t know what to cook. I love how she color coded everything! Make for one thing less to think about. I would rate it 5 definitely!

Umm Suhayla

Maashaa’allah the Batch cooking guide was amazing, it felt like I was cooking right beside you lol
We ordered our groceries online and cooked few meals including;
Rice, meet, cheesy pasta, baked chicken and grilled cheese sandwiches.
We doubled each meal to last 2 days.
When meal times times came getting food on the table was quick
Allahuma baarik, can’t wait for next week cooking.

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  1. Assalamualikum, hope you and your family are doing well . Inshallah. Amazing work sis. I cannot wait to purchase everything available inshallah
    Jamila, london

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