Islamic Studies and English Folder covers and dividers

Asalamu’alaykum rahmatullahi wa barakatu ladies,

How are you?  It’s been a while since I’ve posted on the blog but there is a reason why.  We had a little time off enjoying the Winter, I have been preparing some fresh curriculum, and I’m also LAUNCHING something super special this week; if you’re interested in knowing what this is, sign up the blog to receive that launch email! It is going to be something special but not for the kids, this one is for YOU.

Back to the homeschool prep, I’ve taken out some time to declutter to make space for some new things and also freshened up things we already have.

And I really wanted to get our Islamic Studies lessons consolidated in one place, rather than lots of different folders.  So aside from Arabic, I have just one folder per child for all their Islamic studies.  To freshen things up, I made a folder cover and topic covers to laminate, section and act as dividers.  Aside from the cover, there are dividers for Aqeedah, Fiqh, Hadith and Seerah. 

And I did something similar for our new English curriculum that I will be using for three of my kids (I’ll share more soon insha’Allah).  I could have just gotten dividers but that would take away the fun.   So instead I made the cover, plus dividers for ‘work in progress’, ‘old drafts’, ‘final drafts’ plus copywork and dictation.   This time I went for a totally different style!

To download the Islamic studies cover/dividers click HERE.

To download the English cover/dividers click HERE.

Are you going through some homeschool prep/decluttering before Ramadan?  Let me know below!

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