Asalamu’alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu ladies,

I am EXCITED.  I mean REALLY EXCITED.  It’s finally time to share something with you that I have been working on behind the scenes for a while now, and this time it’s not for the kids.

After several years of homeschooling, I’ve come to know that homeschooling is so much more than choosing curriculum and teaching lessons.  Homeschooling can be exactly what you want it and need it to be for your family.  It doesn’t have to look, feel or behave like anyone else’s homeschool, because of course after keeping in mind our deen which frames our entire lives, there is no one way to homeschool, except yours.  

And so I decided to create a homeschool course that doesn’t just stop at what homeschooling is in the ‘dictionary sense’.  But a homeschool course that PRACTICALLY EQUIPS YOU as a homeschool mother on how to homeschool…



and enjoyably. For the long run.

So let me introduce…

Why did I design the course?

Because we all know that homeschooling isn’t easy.  And regardless of how many years you’ve homeschooled, the challenges are still there; albeit in different forms.

And having multiple kids can make you feel pulled in all directions. 

To counteract this you might spend days setting up this idealistic routine that is actually unrealistic, leaving you feeling worse.

or browse blogs and social media for hours searching for curriculum to lessen the load, but all it does is dent your budget, and at the end of it all, you’re still left feeling the same.

or change things up ALL the time, leaving you feeling unrested, anxious and unconfident.

And at the end of the day, even after a whole day of doing so much, It makes you feel like you’re not giving each child what they need, and your certainly not giving yourself enough time. Homeschooling can easily start to feel like the very reason you’re feeling distant from your children, rather than closer than ever.

But it isn’t because you’re not doing enough. Or that you’re inexperienced. Or that you’re just not cut out for homeschooling.

It’s that you’re still stuck in the bubble that homeschooling has to look in a particular way, that not being in ‘constant pick up mode’ must mean you’re unproductive, and you still hold the idea that free time means you’re not doing enough so it must be filled.  

I get it.  I was there.  Doing those things, most of the time, yet still feeling unfulfilled.  I wondered how other homeschool mothers seemed to have it all under control, and more than often thought the problem must lie with me.

But I was wrong.  It wasn’t that I was incapable.  But more so that I’d fallen into the trap of replicating school at home, and then someone else’s homeschool in my own.  And the second one is harder to spot!

But there are ways to make things easier for YOU – the one driving your homeschool forward.  And so I designed this course to help mamas overcome this linear, overwhelming, frustrating way of homeschooling so you too can homeschool feeling calm, connected to your children, and with a bigger purpose insha’Allah.

Why is this course different from other homeschooling courses?

Well, the biggest difference is we won’t just look at ‘homeschooling in the dictionary sense’ – but through the LENSE OF YOUR HOME and…

Delve deep and go through what exactly homeschooling is (and what it really isn’t) so we can start off with clarity!

– Learn how to practically choose resources that kids of a wide age range can use, including how to adapt resources you already have, saving your time, energy and MONEY insha’Allah.

– Schedule your day in such a way kids work independently but still get one to one time with mama.

– Discover the ideal space that doesn’t just accommodate one age range but the needs of you as a family (and why you don’t actually need a dedicated homeschool room’ for this or be on Pinterest)

– Pinpoint what aspects of homeschooling you can put on autopilot so you have more time doing the things you love.

– Piece together A LONG LASTING ROUTINE that actually WORKS even when life happens.

– Learn practical cooking and cleaning methods that lighten the HOME load, leaving you pockets of time with your kids without any learning objectives.  I call it ‘dehoming’!

– Delve into habits that will keep us committed and consistent in our homeschools, that go beyond physical self-care’. 

AND MUCH MORE insha’Allah!

What does the course include?

The course will consist of 8 JAM-PACKED LIVE MODULES with separate Q&As (sixteen sessions in total, worth £360) where will look at homeschooling in-depth, with perspective, and with your circumstances at the forefront not on the backburner!  

Module 1 What homeschooling really is (and why it’s not rigidly following an approach).

Module 2 Why it’s important to pause before you dive in (deschooling and dehoming).

Module 3 How to teach and choose curricula for multiple kids adequately without breaking the bank.

Module 4 Revisit why learning together is important and how to make it happen daily.

Module 5 Discover how to put your homeschool on autopilot so kids can work and independently yet still have one to one time.

Module 6 Practical ways to cook, clean and get the house back in order efficiently and remove decision fatigue!

Module 7 Creating a routine that ACTUALLY works even on the hard days.

Module 8 Adopting healthy habits that will carry you through that are beyond physical ‘self-care’.

Plus, you’ll receive:

-An accompanying course booklet (worth £20)
-Weekly progress tasks
-Direct WhatsApp and Email access to me.
-Batch cooking guide and recipe binder printable (worth £14.99)
And finally, a post-course 1 hour,  one to one call with me to wrap things up, LEAVING YOU FEELING CONFIDENT insha’Allah!

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for mothers with multiple kids, who are either new to homeschooling and need practical guidance on how to actually ‘live’ all the research they’ve just accumulated.

And for mothers who have been homeschooling a while yet constantly feel burnt out, overwhelmed and frustrated despite all the research, curricula and routines they’ve tried.

I need this course! When does it begin?

We start on the 14th February insha’Allah, and classes will be held live at 9 PM (UK time).

How much is the course?

The course is available for just £297. Payment plans are also available upon request insha’Allah.  Book a call with me if you’d like to discuss this further here.

This is going to be a homeschool course like no other insha’Allah. Sign up below and get ready to join me and the sisters already signed up, to transform your homeschool insha’Allah! 

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