Is your morning basket working for (or against you)? Plus Free Printable.

Asalamu’alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu ladies,

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post! I hope you and your family are benefitting from these beautiful blessed days of Ramadan.

Today I thought I would touch upon something that many homeschool mothers, both new and seasoned have probably heard of and probably use; a morning basket.

For those of you who might not know that, its morning time (aka circle time/group time) is simply a  a time in the day when everyone can learn together about topics through read alouds, poetry etc, memory work, activities. Books and activities are usually put together in a pretty basket and many homeschoolers choose to go through their baskets in the morning (hence the name), however there really isn’t a set time to get it done.

And the idea is lovely. Coming together first thing in the morning to get some read alouds in (and we all know read-alouds are a homeschool staple), spending time together as a family and just setting off the day in a calm positive manner that everyone from the toddler to the teen can benefit from.

But when it comes to simplifying our homeschool, it’s important that just like curricula and resources, we take concepts from other homeschool mothers and see just how well they fit into our homeschool, meet the needs of our families, and tweaked to make that concept become part of our routine not an addition that you hope gets done, but often doesn’t leaving you feel guilty.

We need to make our routines consist of things that we will be consistent in.

And so thats why, though we used to do morning baskets, now we no longer do (as we don’t nature journal even though I made a journal for my kids here). And there are a few reasons why.

We are all morning people.
And so the idea of sitting and reading together when all my kids are fresh and ready to tackle the more intense things didn’t sit well with me. And actually, my kids would get agitated because they were fresh and alert, and ready for more – as was I.

Qur’an is our first priority.
And so, giving Qur’an adequate time, with multiple kids can take up a good chunk of the morning. After which kids and me need to get ‘moving’ and refreshed for the next part of the day. And so sitting and reading, even the most interesting topics again didn’t fit in with our routine.

Things that were in our basket were mixed with quite a few things that although were ‘good’ weren’t good enough.
And so the desire to really make our basket part of our day wasn’t really that strong because a lot of the reading was more supplementary style reading that in all honesty, I didn’t feel brought much value to our day, does that make sense?

So, it won’t surprise you that even when I filled the basket, make it look pretty, and shifted it from the morning to the afternoon, it just wasn’t becoming the staple I thought it would. And that’s not because we didn’t prioritise reading in our home. It’s just that we had other things that were more important to us, and segmenting that time out just wasn’t working.

Now these were my reasons. And I’m not advising you to ditch the whole idea of morning baskets!! Not at all. As a family we love read alouds, memory work and grouping together in our home and even the idea of the pretty basket (hence why we still use ours albeit differently!) .
But rather, if you’re struggling with being consistent in getting through your morning basket maybe take a moment to evaluate its place in YOUR homeschool.

Like anything else, don’t allow feelings of guilt that you might experience in being inconsistent with something consume you! Rather inconsistency is often because we haven’t gone through evaluating the importance of something, so our desire to get it done is low.

So you might want to ask yourself questions like…

Why do you use a morning basket?

Is your morning basket a core well thought part of your day, or is it more like an addition?

How often have you scheduled in your morning basket? Is it realistic?

Probably the most important one – What does your morning basket include?

What value does your morning basket add to your day?

To make it easy for you, I’ve created a free printable that will allow you to do the above evaluation with ease insha’Allah. Click HERE to download.

And these are the kinds of questions I ask myself often; not just when it comes to a morning basket. But really the whole idea of homeschooling and what it means for my family. We don’t want homeschooling to be a case of leaving the public school system to adopting everything from the homeschool world. Rather, we want our homeschools to be full of the things that matter to US the most.

And if you’re reading this post thinking ‘Umm Saleh, I resonate with this 100%!’, then consider joining the next cohort of the ‘How to homeschool multiple kids without falling part course where we will step by step simplify everything from resources, routines, mindset, cleaning and even cooking. Over the course of eight weeks we will work through those root causes of burnout that leave you feeling exhausted and fatigued, at the end of which you will be left you with a carefully put together routine that you can be consistent with insha’Allah. It isn’t about homeschooling in the generic sense, its about how to make homeschooling WORK FOR YOU.
Many courses offer one to one mentoring as a separate service which can be super costly, but I have designed the course in such a way where not only will you benefit from group coaching, you will get my one to one support with your individual needs to so you can truly leave the course feeling confident in teaching your children insha’Allah!

When I look back 8 weeks ago and read some of the things I wrote I cannot help but tear up. The growth I’ve made and the connection I’ve built with Allah, my family, and myself is a result of all the exercises, reflection, and tasks we participate in every week. The change is so gradual but you can look back and see a huge transformation as time goes on. It’s not a course where information is given to you about homeschooling, but a course where it applies to an everyday muslimah homeschooling mother and it covers the things that are rarely spoken about but are the most important aspects to running functional home, homeschool, and life. I would recommend this class to the first time homeschooling mother, and to the veteran homeschooling mother. (Umm Musab, Feb 2021)

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