the ten companions who were promised jannah notebooking pages

Asalamu’alykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu ladies,

I hope you’re well. I’ve been meaning to share today’s printable for some time but with the third round of the how to homeschool multiple kids course, so things have been super busy around here, but it’s here now!

We have been working on learning about the lives of the Ten companions who were given the glad tidings of Jannah (may Allah be pleased with them all) in depth. It is so important that our children not only know the names, but really get to know the lives of the sahabah, may Allah be pleased with them all, so they have role models to aspire to. And so I created this set of note-booking pages to help the kids organise their notes so we can really go in-depth over the next couple of months. The set contains the cover page, introduction page to write the name and lineage, physical appearance and acceptance to Islam, whilst the second two pages are to write about facts and incidents with spaces for drawings. We will be using The Precious Pearls by Darussalam as our reference.

Rather than using them as simply note-booking pages, I’ve printed and stuck the cover onto a manilla folder, whilst the inside pages are glued onto card stock. This can be put together by hole-punching and tying some string, This creates a sturdy project book, so kids will be left with a beautiful project by the end in sha Allah. Alternatively, you could just use or just use a binder to store the pages in.

I also create these ‘character cards’, highlighting noble characteristics such as just, modesty, and trustworthiness. We use these to discuss the life of the particular companion we are studying as well as conversation starters for how we can adopt these characteristics in our own lives in sha Allah. I suggest laminating these; they might be a nice addition to your reading basket.

As well as the note-booking pages, I intend to fill out the project with;

Memory work; complete names, family trees etc.

Mapwork and country fact-files (for example when discussing particular expeditions, battles, etc).

As well as other areas that peak the kid’s interest in sha Allah. We are still doing this project so I will add some links as we go along in sha Allah. You can absolutely use these pages with younger kids who are learning to write still. I will be using The Precious Pearls book by Darussalam, though the pages are blank and you could use any authentic books.

For now, you can download the 33-page set for free HERE.

I hope these are useful for you and your family.

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