Pre-Ramadan Decluttering Guide

Asalamu’alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu ladies,

it’s almost Ramadan – how time has flown subhanAllah. With not long to go, I know many of us mothers can start to feel pressured, especially when we too want to exert ourselves in our ibaadah.

And I also know that having the home, decluttered and organised helps us streamline certain things, which gives us more space and time to that really maximise our times. Yet, it isn’t easy to just start spring cleaning so close to Ramadan, because you probably already have your hands full and you also may want to be spending time in other areas of preparation beyond homemaking.

So to help us out, I’ve created this handy Pre-Ramadan Declutter Guide; thirty simple tasks to help you prepare your home; taking care of the decluttering planning for you!

Simply take a task or two a day, and spend 15-30 minutes or so on that particular tasks on-top of your regular routine. This way you’ll tackle those often cluttered (or not often cleaned out) spaces in your home in chunks rather than feeling overwhelmed!

I’ve also kept the tasks fairly simple, so even with young children, homeschool nursing the baby and everything else you’re juggling with, it should be manageable in sha Allah.

Just click below to purchase for just £4.99- remember you can use the guide for this Ramadan, and future Ramadans in sha Allah.
A one time purchase that has long-term use!

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