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Asalamu’alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu ladies, I’m sitting in our school space with kids around me decluttering folders and drawers, papers sprawled everywhere, stacks of books and a cup of iced coffee – yep, I’m just about done with our planning our Muslim homeschool, Alhamdulillah. So even though things outwardly seem a little all over the place, I’m feeling like I’ve managed to get my thoughts together.

And after almost ten years of homeschooling, if there’s one thing I’ve come to know is my planning style.

Here are some of the things I don’t like.

‘Fussy’ planners that overwhelm me.

Planners that have lots of pages that I don’t end up using like emergency contacts etc.

Too many quotes throughout the planner!

Planners that require me to write objectives constantly or need a lot of attention.

Planners that have small spaces to write, that don’t accommodate my large handwriting!

But here’s what I do like.

Planners that have useful pages that I will end up using.

Planners that help me highlight our focuses i.e deen first and also academic attention.

Planners that help me organise our overall vision but also individual child focuses.

Planners where I can give my highschoolers some extra planning (since deadlines are important)

Clean, simple pages with lots of space for writing (no tiny scribbly boxes).

In a nutshell, A planner, even better, a Muslim Homeschool Planner, that I will end up using in sha Allah!

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And so me and pre-made teacher/homeschool planners don’t really get on well. I’ve stopped buying them (resisting even the pretty ones!) and over the years, I’ve made my own but over the last couple of years, I’ve settled for online planning with written notebooks for jotting down all my thoughts.

But this year I decided to go back to the drawing board, and make my own planner again that really does what I need it do in sha Allah.

Say hello to the Muslim Homeschool Planner; A clean, simple minimal design that highlights key areas and gives you enough of a framework without being overwhelming.

The Muslim Homeschool planner is a mix of pages for mama, as well as pages for the kids and I to complete together along with an individual daily study list each child will need. It’s a whopping 50 pages but that’s because lots of pages are replicated (I’m homeschooling five kids, Alhamdulillah), so depending on how many kids you have you might not need them all.

Here’s what the Muslim homeschool planner includes.
A simplistic (but lovely!) cover page.
Reflections from last year and thoughts for the upcoming year page.
Goals for the year pages (for each child).
Pages to write down our Qur’an focuses in depth.
Pages to write down our Arabic focuses in depth.
Weekly study plan (for each child).
Daily study list (for each child). I plan on making these reusable by laminating or using sticky notes that can be removed each week.
Islamic books/mutoon list (so important!).
2022 calendar for now (I’ll add 2023 later on in sha Allah).
Read aloud list pages.
High school planning pages.
Past paper records.
Exam resources.

Curriculum overview pages. You can use this by writing the curriculum at the top and then how many weeks/lessons are in the curriculum. Tick off as you go along to give you an overview of progress at a glance (I told you it was unfussy!) Alternatively you can use the curriculum breakdown planner I made years ago here).
And finally a block schedule to combine it all together.

Because a lot of my homeschool planning starts from the very beginning such as ensuring we keep focused, only include things I feel we need, and using resources that are uncomplicated, I don’t feel the need to plan our whole year out week by week hence you won’t see weekly planning pages.

Personally, I like to sit at the end of the week, go through what we’ve covered by checking the kids individual study list, and instead of rewriting the next upcoming week, I just jot down what I need to either on a paper (which I’ll slot in throughout my binder) or make a note on my online planner.

I’m all for autopiloting homeschool, especially when so much thought has gone into the initial process; I like to let things just flow and check progress over replanning constantly.


I’ll also be adding in our master meals list because we need to eat and it helps to have it on hand when I batch cook for the week. So far, that’s all my binder includes but I may add more things if needed.

You can down the Muslim Homeschool planner for free HERE.

Happy Planning!

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