Homeschool Planning; Our Routine

Asalamu’alaykum ladies, we’re onto our final post in the homeschool planning series; our routine.

I remember when I first began homeschooling, putting a routine together was the thing I usually went for first. I’d print off blank templates, and then start to fill them in, based on the curriculum or materials I’d bought. But I’d often find myself planning and replanning all too soon because there’s a lot more thought needed in creating a meaningful sustainable homeschool routine for your family.

And the routine you create on paper should be a reflection of that thought process; your overall, your individual kids, your unique family. It’s so much more than a to-do list for the day.

So if you haven’t read the previous posts; I highly suggest you read them first.

So let’s dive into our weekly routine now. Once you’ve begun to fill in the loose plan for the year, it’s time to start putting together a weekly routine. And to make it even easier, I’d start off by slotting in all the time-sensitive things in your homeschool; things like live online classes, or activities; but also things that you prefer to do at a particular time, for example, Hifdh with your children after Fajr.

Start off by adding these things in, and then move on to group subjects. Now that you’ve added in all the time-sensitive things, it’s easier to see where everyone is free together, so you can get some group learning in. Now remember here, ladies, create a routine that’s sustainable. Don’t just look at where everyone’s free, but where’s a GOOD time for you too.

Group learning is such a great way to get some learning in, save time on teaching the same things to kids separately, as well as strengthen those all-important connections between siblings; so it’s worthwhile getting some group learning in as much as you can.

After this, you can then slot in what’s left over; individual subjects that can’t be taught together, such as teaching phonics to your youngest child, or work that the older kids can work on independently.

For the things that need you to be hands-on, be more intentional with the time you slot in for them. Whereas the independent things kids can happily get on with, you can be more flexible with. As long as you check in with all the kids at some point, you’ll end up with a routine that brings you all together yet fosters independence, too in sha Allah.

Happy planning ladies!

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