About Me

Asalamu alaykum, I’m happy to see you here!  Im Umm Saleh, homeschool mama, batch cook connoisseur, education enthusiast who loves a piece of white chocolate over dark any day.

I know that managing the home and homeschooling can often leave mothers feeling overwhelmed.  In fact, the daily struggle of keeping a house clean and cooking for our families daily coupled with a whole new heap of responsibilities can really take its toll; it certainly did for me.  I mean, homeschooling was going to change things for sure,  but living in chaos every day was not something we were prepared for.

You’ll often hear that we need to ‘let things go’ as homeschool mothers so we focus on the more important things.  And whilst I totally agree with tackling the stack of books over the dishes most of the time, I think there are things we can do to keep our homes organised, clean and functional whilst still managing to

educate our kids…

enjoy our families….

make time for our learning and growth…

seek knowledge…

and pursue our own interests and other responsibilities.

But in a manner which our home serves US, not the other way round.

So expect to see batch cooking tips, easy recipes, cleaning schedules, homemaking/homeschool routines, and hacks that have helped me manage the busy homeschool life on this space.  I encourage other Mamas to share their own tips and tricks too.  I don’t have all the answers, and wouldn’t like this small space to portray that.  I’m learning every day just like you. 

I also share resources that I have made for my own children that may also be of benefit for your homeschool too insha’Allah, as well as curriculum reviews and resource recommendations compiled in one spot so you can be spared a few minutes (or hours) of searching!

I’d like to think we can encourage each other whilst sipping on some morning coffee. To keep connected with me in real-time, you can find me on Instagram.

May Allah make our efforts successful.