About Us

Asalamu alaykum, I’m happy to see you here!  I am a Muslim mother originally from the UK, currently homeschooling my children, striving to raise my children upon the Qur’an and Sunnah.  I graduated with a BSc in Psychology and intended to pursue a teaching career; when homeschooling came along and changed my dream…for an even better one, Allahuma barik.

So what can you expect to find on the blog?  Well, you can pop over to the ‘Lesson Ideas’ page where I share lesson ideas and craft ideas and the ‘Printables’ page for worksheets and notebooking pages. I’ve also created a ‘Resources’ list, many of which Ive used in my own homeschool that you may find useful and is updated regularly. 

But more importantly, why did I create this space? Of course, to share resources I have made for my own children that I feel other families can benefit from. 

But I really believe that homeschooling is just as much about the mother as it is the children.  For she also has to make so many changes to walk on this path too.  However, in my personal experience, I only found a handful of blogs that really spoke to me as a Muslim mother homeschooling her children; though I found many for other faith-based homeschoolers.

So I decided to have a space dedicated to fellow homeschool Moms where I share my thoughts and experiences in our Islam centred homeschool whilst juggling life itself.  See, Homeschooling like everything else in life comes with its challenges.  So while I love to share enjoyable activities, I think its equally as important to share the other side of the spectrum, when things are a little hectic. I raise these topics, not with the intention to ‘vent’ but more so acknowledge that such challenges are part of the journey and acknowledgement is half of the solution. 

Homeschool hacks, easy recipes, multitasking tips, routines and anything else that have personally helped me manage everything will be shared, and I encourage other Moms to share their own tips and tricks too. 

So if you’re in need of some support from a fellow homeschool mom, head over to the ‘Mom support’ section. I’m open to discussing topics you would like too, so feel free to email me with suggestions that are close to your heart. I’d like to think we can encourage each other whilst sipping on some morning coffee!  To keep connected day to day, you can find me on Instagram.

May Allah make our homeschooling journey’s a success.

Umm Happy Muslim Homeschool