About Us

Asalamu alaykum, I’m happy to see you here!  I am a Muslim mother currently homeschooling my children, ages 5-12, and I started this blog to connect with Muslim Homeschool Moms all over the globe insha’Allah.

You can pop over to the ‘Lesson Ideas’ page where I share lesson ideas and craft ideas and the ‘Printables’ page for worksheets and notebooking pages. I’ve also created a ‘Resources’ I use in my own homeschool that you may find useful and is updated regularly. 

Of course, homeschooling is more than simply lesson plans.  But I only found a handful of blogs that really spoke to me as a Muslim mother homeschooling her children. So I decided to have a space dedicated to fellow homeschool Moms where I share my thoughts and experiences in our faith centred homeschool whilst juggling life itself.  If your in need of some support from a fellow homeschool mom, head over to the ‘Mom support’ section. I’m open to discussing topics you would like too, so feel free to email me with suggestions that are close to your heart. I’d like to think we can encourage each other whilst sipping on some morning coffee!

I will be also creating some short audios where I will be discussing real-life homeschool mom issues, ranging from schedules to mindset  If you are interested, subscribe to the blog and send me a short email with the subject ‘Audio’ along with your full name, and location.  These audios will be exclusive to subscribers only, and for Sisters only.

May Allah make our homeschooling journey’s a success, Ameen.

Umm Happy Muslim Homeschool