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Asalamu’alaykum wa rahmatullah sis, I’m happy to ‘see’ you here.

I’m Umm Saleh, and I help Muslim homeschool mothers simplify, manage and regain their focus in their homeschool so they can homeschool with happiness in sha Allah.

As a mother of four, striving to raise my children upon the Qur’an and Sunnah upon the understanding of the salaf as-saalih, avid writer, coffee enthusiast, fully embraced introvert, and homeschooling mama of ten years, I know homeschooling can be tough

Because though the blog is called ‘Happy Muslim Homeschool, my journey into homeschooling was pretty rocky to say the least.
I added too much into our day.
I thought everything had to be fun and exciting to be worthwhile.
I burdened myself doing things that really weren’t necessary.

Qaddara Allahu wa ma sha’a fa’al.

But after much trial and error, I realised that something had to change.  I didn’t like the feeling of feeling bombarded by so many learning activities that resulted in me spending less time to just enjoy my children and for all those wonderful learning opportunities that happen so naturally and just require our presence without any planning at all.

I also didn’t feel like I needed to teach my children so much about things that didn’t really matter, and certainly didn’t want to compromise the things that I wanted to priortise not just in my child’s learning journey but for us as a family.

And I guess, that’s when my journey into simplifying things around me really started.  But not the process of just decluttering the kitchen cupboards; but also decluttering the choices I had made in my child’s education so we could actually live the vision I had for our Muslim homeschool which prioritises our deen and then also teach academics efficiently; not for it just be scribbled on a mission statement printable in my planner somewhere.

So instead of thinking of doing all the things, spending hours planning activity after activity or buying all the curriculum, my focus changed to

-making the things that matter in most our biggest priority.
-making our home a functional space that can be utilised, yet maintained quickly and efficiently.
-researching ways in where learning could be maximised.
-looking into what my children and I like to do, and doing more of those things so we could spend more doing rather than planning.
-focusing on consistency rather than stretching us so thin and then burning out constantly.

Alhamdulillah, these things proved to be the things that really moved the needle in our homeschool compass.

And it’s why I’m so passionate about helping my fellow sisters homeschool with happiness, consistency and clarity in sha Allah.

So, If you’re a Muslim homeschool mother…
-feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of resources,
struggling to meet the needs of your different aged children,
-feel pressured to follow a homeschool approach,
battling between the stack of dishes and the stack of books,
-and constantly feel tempted by all things Pinterest

I’m so glad you stumbled across my tiny little drop in the internet ocean.
Because homeschooling, though tough, doesn’t have to mean ANY OF THE ABOVE.

You can homeschool
✔without following a homeschool approach,
✔can still prioritise Islamic studies whilst giving academics attention,
✔and implement simple systems in your home to streamline things in sha Allah.

On the blog, you’ll find printables, articles, and resources, as my homeschool course designed specifically for Muslim mothers as well as my recently launched private community, The Muslim Home and School Maker Membership.

So, no matter what stage of homeschooling you’re in, I’m hoping you’ll find some support from my homeschool to yours. I’m just a mother like you, who has been at this homeschooling thing for a good while now, sharing tips I’ve learnt along the way, yet still learning all the time.

May Allah make our efforts successful, ameen.

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