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Asalamu’alaykum sis, i’m happy to ‘see’ you here.

I’m Umm Saleh, homeschool mother of four allahuma barik, avid writer, coffee enthusiast and fully embraced introvert, striving to raise my children upon the Qur’an and Sunnah.

Now, though the blog is called ‘Happy Muslim Homeschool, my journey into homeschooling was pretty rocky to say the least.

When I first began homeschooling, it had some unexpected consequences, mainly for me.   I’d gone from being this relaxed, present and engaged mother, to living in a constant state of overwhelm, feeling burnt out…. and taking my kids with me. 
I got busy, not just physically but also mentally, and to top it up all up, I felt lonely.  No one really seemed to understand what I was going through, and though I found more and more resources,  I wasn’t ever really satisfied that I was doing this homeschool thing well.

My self-doubt led me to make even more tweaks to my already tweaked schedule, more time searching for perfect resources, and more time away from actually being a mother to my kids.  My pursuit in trying to find these ‘shiny’ solutions became the very reason why my own experience was so rusty.

Qaddara Allahu wa ma sha’a fa’al.

And after much trial and error, I realised that something had to change.  And I guess, that’s when my journey into simplyfying things around me really started.  But not the process of just decluttering the kitchen cupboards.  But also, the process of decluttering the choices I had made in my child’s education so I could actually live the vision I had for our Muslim homeschool; not for it just be scribbled on a mission statement printable in my planner somewhere.  Because…

What if we could just focus on the things your kids actually need not what everyone else is telling you what they need?

What if we can make homeschooling simple yet effective?

What if we could really make our child’s education customised by customising not just our curriculum but everything else too?

What if we could have white windows in our day for other things, including just pausing to just be a mother? 

What if it wasn’t about more and more things, that don’t add much value?  And instead, focusing on the things that matter. 

And for a Muslim homeschool, no doubt, that is our deen.

And so although I started this blog to document bits and bobs of my kids’ homeschool journey, and connect with fellow homeschool mothers because I felt lonely, it has become so much more, alhamdulillah.

Several years on, I’ve connected with mothers all over the world sharing resources, blogged about topics that are specific to muslim homeschool mothers, written the first book especially for Muslim homeschooled kids, launched an interactive workshop tackling the infamoushomeschool burnout‘, and launched an eight-week practical homeschool course combining my almost ten years of homeschooling experience, which has helped transformed the homeschools of sisters, both new and seasoned homeschoolers, allahuma barik. 

This small space of mine has become a go-to blog for simplifying homeschooling in the Muslim homeschool community which I am ever so grateful for alhamdulillah. And certainly, all goodness is from Allah alone. 

So, If you’re a homeschool mother…
-feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of resources,
-struggling to meet the needs of your different aged children,
-get bouts of self-doubt if you can really do this properly,
-battling between the stack of dishes and the stack of books,
-and constantly feel tempted by all things Pinterest…

I’m so glad you stumbled across my little drop in the internet ocean.

Because homeschooling, though tough, doesn’t have to mean ANY OF THE ABOVE.

-You don’t have to ping pong back and forth between your children all day.
-You don’t need to set up elaborate displays and sensory bins to make learning fun.
-You don’t (and shouldn’t) fill up all those ‘free window’s in your day to feel productive.

There are things we can do both in our ‘home’ and ‘school’ to make our lives easier, enjoyable and more effective.  

From recognising burnout to resources, I share the things that helped me make space for things that matter, alhamdulillah, and hope they will help another mother out there struggling.  But before you browse the blog, share something about yourself below, I’d love to get to know you a little better!

May Allah make our efforts successful, ameen.

Share your thoughts below.

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