About Me

Asalamu alaykum, I’m happy to see you here!  

If you’re a homeschool mama…

feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of resources,

struggling to meet the needs of your different aged children,

get bouts of self -doubt if you can really do this properly,

battling between the stack of dishes and the stack of books,

and constantly feel tempted by all things Pinterest…

I’m so glad you stumbled across my little drop in the internet ocean.

Because homeschooling, though tough, doesn’t have to mean ANY OF THE ABOVE.

You don’t have to ping pong back and forth between your children all day.

You don’t need to set up elaborate displays and sensory bins to make learning fun.

You don’t (and shouldn’t) fill up all those ‘free window’s in your day to feel productive.

There are things we can do both in our ‘home’ and ‘school’ to make our lives easier, enjoyable and more effective.  

From routines to resources, I share the things that helped restore the joy in my homeschool alhamdulillah, and hope they will help another mother out there struggling.  So grab your coffee and have a browse, every little helps.

May Allah make our efforts successful.