Affordable Coaching

Because every Muslim Homeschool Mother needs support.

If you’re a mama who

  • who is totally burnt out, and needs some actionable advice on how to break away from the burnout and back onto the road.
  • doesn’t have time to commit to a homeschool course, and just needs immediate help, right here, right now.
  • is struggling with something specific and so needs support and guidance with just that particular thing.
  • has tried homeschool blogs and podcasts but needs to speak to someone about your unique homeschool so any advice is given within CONTEXT.

Then a 1:1 support without the hefty price tag may be just what you need.

I’ve been supporting Muslim mothers just like you for years now, and I know just how much we crave support, community and a shoulder to lean on. But often support isn’t accessible for all because it can be hugely pricey.
Book a free call with me below and we can talk things through.