Our Morning Board

Asalamu alaykum ladies,

For the last month or so I have been busy preparing, planning, scheduling and organising our coming school year, and all I can say is I have dark circles underneath my eyes, it’s not easy.

But Alhamdulillah, we’re almost there. As a way to get our mornings off to a good start and set a positive tone to the day I made a morning board that the kids and I could refer to before we begin our school work. After a quick supply shop at Jarir Bookstore, some PVA glue, what seemed like tonnes of foam shapes and a little printing and typing later, VOILA, here it is.


I know you can buy boards, but it was inexpensive to do and I always enjoy personally making something for my kids, they tend to appreciate it more too. Read More

Juz Amma sticker tree board

Asalamualaykum mamas,
I made our juz Amma tree a while back for one of my kiddos. Alhamdulillah it’s been a while, and since then one of my kids had finished juz Amma, Allahuma barik, and the others have also begun their memorisation.
So today I updated our board by adding a juz tabarak tree to keep their motivation going. The juz Amma tree worked so well Alhamdulillah I couldn’t stop there.
What you will need:
A blank canvas board/thick card
Felt tips/paint
Black marker

I simply drew the tree and apples/oranges for each surah and coloured it in. So simple but eye-catching!

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Craft idea – Cardboard Car Park

Asalamualaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu mamas
Today I wanted to share an activity me and S did together, made from everyone’s best friend, cardboard!
One of the hardest things I’ve found whilst homeschooling is how to keep the little ones busy when doing more focused subjects, especially Quraan memorisation with the elder kiddos. With other subjects, I tend to read with the youngest, do some quiet role play with their toys or make something with playdough together. But with Quraan, it’s a must the elders are able to focus and I’m able to give them full attention while they revise with me. 
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Slime time!

Asalamualaykum mamas,

I hope you’re having a lovely relaxed weekend. I’m sure I’m not the only mum who has been pestered by her kids to make the dreaded slime that keeps popping up on YouTube! My kids love the slime but more so they enjoy the process of making it. This is our third time making slime, our first attempt was rather unsuccessful, our second was great, and yesterday’s attempt turned out great too.

There are tonnes of slime recipes out there but I tend to prefer the more natural recipes. 

What you need:
Baby oil
Food colouring
Shower gel Read More

Lesson plan – Sensory jellyfish activity

Asalamualaykum ladies,
I saw this cute little activity on the WhatsUpMoms and after a busy day of quite a lot of formal homeschooling, I decided that the kids needed to do something fun! My kiddos are avid nature and animal lovers, especially my youngest who is obsessed with sea life. So, I thought, why don’t we make our own jellyfish.

What you will need:
Large plastic bottle
Small Plastic bag
Dental floss
Food colouring
Sand/glitter (optional)
Glue to seal the lids

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Lesson plan – Learning about the Kaabah

Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu ladies,
I wanted to teach the kiddos some more about Dhul Hijjah, it seems the last ten nights of Ramadan are often emphasised and rightly so, but the blessed days of Dhul hijjah are often missed. So I planned a few creative activities that would lead nicely up to Eid.
What you will need:
Paint and paintbrushes
Water (to wash paintbrushes)
Cotton buds
Plastic sheet to cover the table (less cleanup, but we don’t always bother)
Printed instructions from http://.blogspot.com/2008/01/drawing-kaaba.html.
Yellow foam to add a 3d element
Fun facts about the Kaabah or a related story about how the Kaabah was built (optional)

The kids really enjoyed drawing in 3D, and while they did I read them some interesting facts about the Kaabah, many of which I didn’t know myself: such as the Kaabah kiswah was once red, which they found fascinating! While the elders followed the tutorial, S freestyled and did his own abstract version.
After drawing, they painted their drawing, using a cotton bud to show people doing tawaf and a yellow piece of foam to add some more detail to the Kaabah.

The pictures turned out beautifully mashaAllah, and kids were eager to tell daddy how much more they now knew about the Kaabah!
What activities did you do with your kiddos during Dhul Hijjah? I would love to hear some more suggestions.