Qur’an Hifdh Binder Printables

Organise, capture snippets and motivate your childs hifdh journey with these printables.
A front cover

A page for your child to record when their hifdh journey began, why they want to memorise and some habits they may need to instil to memorise (this can be used both for kids who are just starting as well as those who have already begun on their hifdh)
A weekly hifdh and muraja’ah schedule so both you and your child can feel prepared!  I would suggest laminating this so you can wipe and reuse this weekly.
A page where kids can record milestones of finishing a juz; this will be wonderful to look back on insha’Allah.
Next, there is a complete list of suwar in the Qur’an which can be used two ways.  This can be used to make notes about the surah the child is memorising; such as mistakes, ayaat they are getting confused with, etc.  It can also be laminated and used for group revision so you can record which child needs to revise the surah; very handy!
A page to record when your child FINISHES their hifdh (insha’Allah); what better memory to record. You can also slot plain coloured paper throughout so kids can doodle or write about specific days, write your own surprise notes of encouragement, and have fun with it!

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