Weekly Batch Cook Guide & Recipe Organiser

Are you struggling with cooking for the family aside homeschooling?  Stress about what to cook each night?  Feel like you’re battling between the books and the dishes?


The 27 Page Weekly Batch Cooking pack contains
*A Beautiful cover – definitely a keepsake for years to come in sha Allah!

*Batch cooking FAQ section.

*An overview of how a typical batch cook session looks might look like.

*Batch cooking tips for before, during and after the process.

*Advice on how to store food correctly and retain freshness.

*List of Batch Cooking Essentials you need to get started.

*Colour-coded Individual Recipes and Step by Step guide on how to cook several meals
(Easy egg cups, Granola (2 variations, Roasted tomato and garlic soup, pasta salad, lentil soup, spaghetti bolognese, chicken stir fry packet, chicken curry with peppers)

*Plus, a complete shopping list of everything you need to make the meals above!

The 13-page Recipe Binder contains
*A beautiful front cover you can personalise.

*A weekly meal planner template and shopping list template.

*Mini recipe cards for the little things (like sauces and dips).

*Recipe page templates to write out (or stick printed) recipes.

*Sectioning pages for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and more.

*And finally, a sectioning page for the batch cook guides.  So you can just pull out the relevant guide, the colour coded recipes and shopping list and you’re good to go-all the thinking done for you!

For more details of what’s included, and how to assemble CLICK HERE!

This batch cook guide and recipe binder is a MUST for all homeschool mamas who feel stressed with daily cooking.  A beautiful keepsake that will help you tackle the cooking quickly and efficiently, getting the bulk of your cooking done in one or two rounds!
(Instant download after purchase so you can get organised straight away).

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