Free Homeschool Workshop

Because homeschooling needs to be meaningful, not complicated.

5 Steps to Simplify Your Homeschool Workshop

Asalamu’alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu ladies.

Over the years, I’ve heard from hundreds of sisters who start homeschooling, or have homeschooled for years but are burnt out.

They don’t want to change their decision to homeschool, but they are finding it overwhelming. All the subjects, multiple kids, housework, and all the other duties, it feels unmanageable for the long run.

But homeschooling can unintentionally be made harder than it is. We can overcomplicate learning, overdo the activities and overfill our schedules hour by hour; though often these are the very reasons we lose focus in our homeschool, we don’t do things well, and we feel like we’re busy, but not really moving forward with the things that really matter to our families. At the same time, simplifying our homeschool doesn’t mean we just take it easy, relax about it all, and take days off because things are simple.

Especially as Muslim homeschoolers, our reasons to homeschool extend beyond then preparing our kids to pass exams. There’s so much more to it, and we want to ensure that what we have in mind, is something that we are practically doing every day, day after day

in sha Allah.

So, I’ve put together this free homeschool workshop for you (sisters only), so you can take some practical steps to simplify your homeschool, without compromise in sha Allah.

What we’ll cover;

– 5 Steps to simplify your homeschool quickly.
– What simplifying actually means.
– Why simplifying is important.
and more in sha Allah.