Free Printables

You can also find plenty more free Printables here –> More Free Printables – I felt this page was getting a little long!

My Arabic Vocab Book
English and Arabic Seasons
English and Arabic Days of the Week
Arabic English clock

Qur’an and Islamic Studies
My Quran, My Companion Ramadan Journal
Qu’ran Memorisation and Revision Planner New PDF Version
Dua’s Checklist
The Prophets Prayer Described Quiz
Ramadan Lapbook (updated)
Ramadan Code Challenge printables
Ramadan Code Answers
Ramadan Code Challenge printables -Junior
Ramadan Code Challenge printables with answers-Junior
Eid Treasure Hunt
Three Categories of Tawheed NB pages
Lesson plan – Categories of Tawhid
My Ultimate Ramadan Mind Map

Cinquain Topics
Gregorian Months
A-Z of Islam Cursive Handwriting Sheet
A-Z of Islam Print Handwriting Sheet
Parts of Speech Color Key

Venn Diagram – Hot and Cold Deserts
Ecosystems and Biomes
Hot and Cold Deserts – NB Page
Phases of the Moon NB pages

Artefacts found table pdf
List of Artefacts table

Great wall of China Flag Facts
WORLD Geography notebooking pages.

Homeschool Planning
Mini Meal Prep Planner.
Blank Weekly Homeschool Routine
Blank Read Aloud Log
Yearly Curriculum Breakdown Planner
Daily Checklist
Progress Folder Cover
Blank Reading Record

Motivational colouring pages for Kids

Homeschool Mom Encouragement Printable
Positive Affirmations Printable
My Bad Homeschool Day Survival Guide
Muslim Homeschool Ideal day activity
Muslim Homeschool Brainstorming activity


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