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Free accompanying Lapbook and notes to accompany our Byzantine Empire Unit Study (click here for what we did) covering the fall of Rome, and introducing the Byzantine Empire.

Encourage the children to increase in good in the blessed ten days of Dhul Hijjah with these good deed reminders; one for each day.

12 ahadith copywork sheets from the Book of Al-Adab in Sahih al Bukhari.

Keep mindful of your Ramadan goals throughout the year with these printables. Includes A Family mission statement printable. Family goal setting page. Family accountability sheet (This can be dated to…

Two beautiful Ramadan journals, for children of all ages, complete with the 99 Names of Allah colouring pages. To see inside the journals click HERE.

Make Eid fun and exciting for the kiddos during the lockdown with this free customisable Eid treasure hunt.

Refresh your home so it serves this purpose this Ramadan with this spring clean checklist, and Ramadan routine planner.

Scrapbooking page explaining the two conditions that must be accepted for an action to be accepted, plus four types of sunnah flapbook.

Scrapbook style pages explaining what Shirk is, why it is important to learn about it and the three categories of shirk.

A wonderful poem about Spring, a blessing from Allah; perfect to add to your nature journals or displays.

Fifteen ahadeeth kiddos can copy out pertaining to Ramadan.

A mini flapbook to help children understand the three types of rights to further strengthen Tawheed.  Click here to see how we assembled ours.

Another printable to teach Tawheed to kids; this time the danger of exaggerating the righteous.

Another printable to teach Tawheed to kids; this time teaching the concept that guidance is from Allah alone.

Learn about the four lobes of the brain with this lapbook and accompanying notes.

Make Grammar a little more memorable with this colourful parts of speech key.

More free printables to help children strengthen Tawheed and understand shirk, though the printables themselves are not comprehensive, sisters have requested them.

Help younger kids become more mindful of Ramadan approaching with this simple worksheet which can be turned into a lovely craft they can decorate.  For older kids, try this activity…

ANOTHER Hifdh tracker chart, this time for Juz 23, to help motivate kids with their Qur'an memorisation.  Simply print and add a sticker or colour in as you go along! …

Free printables to help you teach your kids about Tawheed.  For a glimpse into how we used our printables click HERE.

 Get your home back in shape with this weekly cleaning checklist; get the kids to chime in and get your home cleaned up in no time!

Struggling with balancing chores and school?  Give weekly batch cooking a go with this free ebook; saving time, money and energy! With a weekly meal planner, shopping list, cooking guide…

Free Workbook for children to help them understand the beautiful forty hadeeth of Imam an Nawawee, rahimahullah. For instructions on how to assemble and use click HERE.

Free Winter Poem to frame or add to your Admiring Allah's Creation Nature Journal.

Free Middle Ages Notebooking page, with sections for illustrations and mapwork.

Free Science notebooking pages with a section to write related ayaat/names and attributes of Allah.  For ideas on how to use the pages, click HERE.

Whether it's the beginning of the new school year or your suffering a little mid-year rut, use this free template to renew your intention and rejuvenate.  

JUZ TRACKER CHARTS FOR JUZ 25 AND JUZ 24.  Please note that the Juz 25 tracker chart has been revised as the previous version did not highlight that Juz 25…

Simply print, and colour in or add a sticker when the surah has been memorised and help motivate kids in their Qur'an memorisation!

Motivate the children on their hifdh journies with these colourful hifdh trackers! Simply print, and colour in or add a sticker when the surah has been memorised.  The remaining JUZ…

Beautiful Autumn/Fall notebooking pages; you can frame the poem or add both in your Admiring Allah's Creation Journal.

Help the kiddos pause, reflect and implement the Qur'an as they go on their Hifdh journey with this 20+ page printable.

Notebooking page for both modern and classical Artists study.

Let the kiddos become explorers and admire Allah's greatness a little closer.

Free nature journal has now been updated with more pictures, quotes, and a new front cover!  Remember to print out multiple copies of the observation page (page 2).  I will…

Bright colourful DIY Eid Bunting the kids will love!

DIY Eid Bunting the kids can decorate themselves!

A fun, Hajj inspired customisable treasure hunt for the kiddos; a simple way to make their Eid memorable!

Plan out curricula for the year ahead with this simple planner.  Click HERE to see the planner in use.

Use the Arabic Vocabulary booklet to write down newly learnt words.  Younger kiddos can use the Pictionary. Click HERE on how to assemble.

Elementary Level Worksheets to help learn the differences between hot and cold deserts.

Learn about the phases of the Moon with this riddle game. Lots of fun!

Brainstorm and visualise your ideal Muslim Homeschool Activity.  We all lose our way sometimes and this reflection activity can help bring things back on track insha'Allah.

The concept is simple.  Every day, for the next 30 days (or 29) you will be handed an envelope.  In this envelope, there will be a question related to Ramadan. …

Set up your own excavation for the kids, and let them record their findings with these sheets.

Free World Geography notebooking pages with sections for Islam around the world.

Free categories of Tawhid Lesson Plan and Notebooking Pages.

Free Worksheet about Ecosystems and Biomes

Encourage younger kids to memorise some basic daily dua's with this colourful checklist. You can also add on more dua's you would like on the blank page.

Includes daily checklist, blank reading log, folder cover, and colouring pages

We used these prompts to write cinquains (5 line poem) but these could easily be used for free writing prompts too.  Keep in a jar at the table!

Use this planner to keep on track with daily revision and memorisation.  Laminate to avoid printing multiple copies or email me for a Word version which you can edit.

Free phases of the Moon notebooking pages.  See how we used the pages HERE.

Free Salah Quiz for children of all ages.

A beautiful fun lapbook to help children understand a little more about Ramadan. To see how we assembled ours, click HERE.

A collection of beautiful ayaat to encourage the Muslim Mom.

Record Family read alouds with this free blank read aloud template.

Plan out your school week with this blank template: I suggest laminating this incase you need to shuffle things around (real life happens!)

Free print and cursive worksheets, following the A-Z of Islam!

Laminate and add these printables to your morning board; includes Arabic and English clock, Months, Days of the Week and Seasons.

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