Free Printables

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Fifteen ahadeeth kiddos can copy out pertaining to Ramadan.

A mini flapbook to help children understand the three types of rights to further strengthen Tawheed.  Click here to see how we assembled ours.

Another printable to teach Tawheed to kids; this time the danger of exaggerating the righteous.

Another printable to teach Tawheed to kids; this time teaching the concept that guidance is from Allah alone.

Learn about the four lobes of the brain with this lapbook and accompanying notes.

Make Grammar a little more memorable with this colourful parts of speech key.

More free printables to help children strengthen Tawheed and understand shirk, though the printables themselves are not comprehensive, sisters have requested them.

Help younger kids become more mindful of Ramadan approaching with this simple worksheet which can be turned into a lovely craft they can decorate.  For older kids, try this activity…

ANOTHER Hifdh tracker chart, this time for Juz 23, to help motivate kids with their Qur'an memorisation.  Simply print and add a sticker or colour in as you go along! …