Craft idea – Rock Painting

Asalamualaykum mamas,
How are you all? Today my youngest and I sat down and did a simple activity together based on one of his biggest passions….. ROCKS. Whenever we go for walks or take a trip to the park S is the first to gather some rocks for his ever-growing collection.

So today, we took some rocks and gave them a makeover. S got stuck in painting his rocks with me while the rest of the kids did some independent schoolwork. Of course, be careful with younger kiddos, you don’t want anyone to accidentally swallow any rocks, but S is almost 4 so well past that stage.
What you will need:
Paint and paintbrushes
Glitter (optional)
Plastic sheet to cover the table

I thought they turned out so cute! You could by all means sprinkle on glitter and turn these into ‘moon rocks’ too.

What activities do you younger kiddos enjoy? I would love to hear from you.

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