Teaching Multiple Grades + Printable Checklist

Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu ladies!

I’m back with another little tip to make the homeschooling journey just a tad easier insha’Allah!

This is a daily checklist I use for my children to keep on track of their individual progress since they are of different ages, and of course different needs. Though we do the majority of subjects together, there are some things that are individual.  For example, one of my children needs cursive handwriting practice which the others don’t and one of my children who is dyslexic needs extra help with reading.


Thus this checklist helps me and my children keep on track with daily work.  I don’t have specific times for this work to be completed either.  My kids just know it has to be completed at some point, and I will check the list at the end of each day to ensure it has been done, which also gives them independence in their learning.

You can use this list in several ways.  If like us, you teach most subjects together,  and individual tasks are pretty much the same every day, the list can be laminated and used and erased daily.  You could also have one of for every day of the week if tasks are different.

To print out a daily checklist, click HERE.
You can also print out a free read-aloud log here.

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